Spyderhuff members are Tom Kuhr (vocals, guitar, harmonica, sax, synth), Don Beyer (bass, synth), Jim Pauli (drums), Joey Gaydos (guitar), Tony Mitchell (congas, bongos, drums, backing vocals), and Julie Noe (backing vocals).

ANGRY FLAMES - The Second track from the new Spyderhuff SIN7 EP



Spyderhuff members including Tom Kuhr, Don Beyer, Jim Pauli, Joe Gaydos, Tony Mitchell, and Julie Noe are hard at work on the next release entitled SIN7. This will be a stroll through the friendly neighborhood of the Seven Deadly Sins. The seven tunes will be released one at a time as singles throughout 2022 and then be compiled as an EP with a special bonus track. We’ll keep you posted!


Lazy Soul – Slothfulness

Angry Flames – Wrath

Girl in the Photo – Lust

What You Have – Envy

Never Am I Full – Gluttony

Pride is a Mirror – Pride

The More that I Get – Greed