About Spyderhuff

For over fifty years these childhood buddy’s have been playing music together. At present, Tom lives in Dearborn, Michigan (hometown to both) and Don lives in Mount Dora, Florida. The collaboration is completely remote without any face to face interaction. The creative juices flow unhampered within a unique process. Tom provides the song writing, multiple instrumentation, vocals and initial tracks. Working in Protools software, Wave files are sent to Don where he drops them into Logic software and executes engineering and final mix. Don also assists with music arrangements, bass tracks and keyboards.

Tom and Don first formed a jazz-fusion band in the 1970’s called ‘Each’. Next, was a rock band called ‘Full Nelson’ in the 1980’s. In the early 1990’s, a short-lived studio band was formed called ‘Spyderhuff’. The Spyderhuff name was then use for a graphic design business by Tom for nearly 30 years. After decades of stock piling tune ideas, it’s time to fire up Spyderhuff and get back to making some noise!


Tom Kuhr


Don Beyer


Spyderhuff Northern Command - Dearborn, MI


Spyderhuff Southern Command - Mt. Dora, FL